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Questions About Emu Oil Products

If you're not raising birds, where do you get your oil?

All our oil is purchased from the top refinery in the U. S., a group which worked with the American Emu Association, and the American Oil Chemists' Society, to set the standards for the industry. While we no longer "raise" our oil, I am confident that we are supplying you and our fabricators with the highest quality pure oil available in the country.

Are there other oil suppliers?

Yes, but beware. When the AEA recently anonymously bought and tested samples of "oil" available across the internet, they got quite a few surprises. A few were pure emu oil. Some were ostrich (quite different), olive oil, vegetable oil, blends, or who-knows-what. I've had customers track me down, after buying a second bottle from someone else - saying the second bottle didn't have the same moisturizing, pain-relieving effects as the first. Buyer, beware. There are no bargain oils out there.

Do you make your own products?

Not at all. We use FDA-inspected cosmetic fabricators, where all products are professionally made and packaged. Most of our product is made in Nebraska. When they are unable to do the process, or meet the quantities needed, we go out-state to other fabricators. Then the pallets are shipped to Hadar, where cases are shelved in a climate-controlled warehouse.

How can I buy your products at wholesale prices?

We're always looking for distributors.  If you have an actual store, and a sales tax number, we'd like to talk to you.  We try to not set up two distributors in the same area, and we insist that you buy in case lots only.

Please contact us directly, and we will continue this conversation, if you feel you would like to distribute our emu oil products.  We can be reached via e-mail at emulady@wildblue.net .  You may call us at (402) 371-7637, or write to Cedar Ridge Emu Products, P. O. Box 132, Hadar, NE  68738. We look forward to hearing from you!

You make a big deal of "natural" - What does that mean?

Not man-made.  Every product we carry starts with a natural product - emu oil.  Some have several - Rough Hands also has lanolin, a sheep product, and beeswax, obviously from bees.  New products in development now will have other animal products.  Are these products all-natural?  Of course not.  I don't think you would want them if they were.  Think back 50 to 100 years - when things had to be all-natural.  The shelf life was minimal.  The shaman or herbalist concocted something and put it directly on you.  Now that's fresh - but do we want to go back there?  Personally, I want a stable product - that has a shelf life of one to five years.  On the other hand, we select our stabilizers carefully.  For example, emu oil is stabilized with vitamin E.

Featured Product

Ultra-Refined Pure Emu Oil

Ultra-Refined Pure Emu Oil