About The Cedar Ridge Naturals


The Cedar Ridge Naturals sits on top of a sandy hill in Pierce County, Nebraska, surrounded by fifty-year-old cottonwood trees and a thick growth of Eastern Red Cedars. This is our business and our home.
Back in 1993, we purchased four funny-looking chicks, with the intention of raising more chicks. This was our venture into alternative agriculture - something other than beans, corn, hogs, and cattle. We were going to raise emus! We were soon discovered by the agri-tourist people, who wanted to see these Australians.

Soon the question came up: why do you raise emus? We raise them for the oil. What is the oil used for? It goes into cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Like what? At the time, I was a divorced mom, raising two teens on my own. I had a clean, zero-balance credit card. I hated to do it, but I sat down and ordered in split cases of emu products. I displayed them on about 18" of bookshelf. The tourists bought them. I had to reorder - full cases. Then extra cases. The entire bookshelf was now in use. Soon there were cases in closets, under beds, etc. People were asking if I would ship to their friends and relatives. A newsletter and a mailing list became a necessity.


At first, we sold other people's products, having met these folks in seminars and at national conventions. Then we saw the value of having control over our own product line. Cedar Ridge Naturals was created, first with pure oil, then lotions, shampoo and conditioner. We were running out of hours in the day. On advice of my mentor, we stopped hatching and the birds moved to another active breeder. The incubation room became the product room, filled with shelving. We outgrew it - and moved to a warehouse space in Hadar, Nebraska, just down the road.

Thank you - to everyone who made us grow, from four funny chicks to a rapidly growing small business, here in northeast Nebraska. Thank you.